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Poles catalogue  

 At Equspaddock, we are true lovers of horse riding and horses, and we have a wide catalogue of poles for show jumping. Find out about the different series, sizes and colours we have available. We offer you the best equestrian products to equip quality dressage arenas! 


What are poles?  

A pole is an essential element in any professional equestrian arena. These poles are used to create obstacles in a show jumping arena, allowing riders and horses to successfully overcome the challenges of competition, improving their skill and confidence. 

 Materials most commonly used in the poles manufacturing 

 In general, jumping bars are made of wood. At Equspaddosck we are manufacturers of this type of equestrian accessory, so we pay special attention to the materials to ensure the safety of the horse and rider at any time.  

Find out our catalogue of poles. We have a wide variety so you can choose them according to the needs of your dressage arena. 


The usefulness of a professional pole 

 Poles are one of the most commonly used obstacles in equestrian competitions, as well as in training. This type of obstacle makes it possible to create obstacles at different heights, allowing the horses to jump at different heights and train their agility and power skills in the arena.  

It is important to note that they are lightweight poles designed to be easily knocked over when the horse hits them, with the aim of not harming the animal or the rider.  

 Basically, a show jumping pole can be placed at different heights to suit the needs or requirements of the horse and rider. In order to hold them, bar supports or cavalletis are used to raise or lower the height of the bars. 

In competitions, poles are placed in different ways to create the course of the circuit. Jumps can include a single pole, a combination of poles or even more elaborate obstacles such as walls or barrels.  

In equestrian competitions, the difficulty of the jumps increases as the height of the poles is raised and more obstacles are added to the course. 


Types of jumps with poles 

Professional jumping poles allow you to build different types of jumping obstacles, depending on the layout and the number of poles used. For example:  

– Vertical jumping obstacle. The poles are placed horizontally, one on top of the other in parallel, thus creating a high and vertically shaped obstacle.  

– Cross. This type of jump is formed by two poles diagonally, forming an “x” and having the lowest point of the jump right in the centre of the obstacle.  

– Oxer. This is one of the most commonly used in professional competitions. It is an obstacle composed of 2 parallel poles, either at the same height or the second pole a little higher than the first one.  

– Triple pole. An obstacle is formed by placing three vertical jumps in a row. The main characteristic of this obstacle is the height that rises gradually from the first to the third vertical jump.  

– Bidet. This is a vertical jump and just below it there is a ditch with water.  

Without a doubt, the riding poles make it possible to adapt each of the jumps to the ability of the horse and rider and their experience. You can change the height of the jumps, the number of obstacles, the size of the course and so on. 


Measurements of the jumping poles we have 

 If you are looking for jumping poles for competition riding, you can have a look at all our series. We have different collections of training poles with different decorations and designs.  

All of them comply with the regulations and measurements required by the official competitions. They are 350 cm long and are available in 2 different diameters, 8 cm and 9.5 cm. 

In addition, if you need them in other sizes, we can make them specially made for you.  

As for the measurements, there are differences in the most common sizes for each type of jump.   

  • For vertical poles, the most common height is 1.15 m.    
  • For horizontal poles, the most common distance is 1.35m.    
  •  While for oxers, the most common height and distance are 1.15 m and 1.35 m respectively.  

 The variety of sizes available allows trainers to customise the training of horses according to their needs. This ensures that horses receive the best preparation for competing in equestrian disciplines. 


What to consider when buying a jumping pole?  

 When buying a jumping pole, it is important not to choose the cheap ones. It is essential to choose an item of quality, resistant and that really complies with the federation’s regulations.  

All the poles for show jumping and competitions that we manufacture at Equspaddock are designed for both training and competitions, so they comply with the measurements and characteristics required by the FEI.  

Some other essential characteristics for choosing the best poles for equestrianism are the material they are made of, the design of the pole and whether they have end caps to ensure safety. 


What should be the frequency of changing a jumping pole?  

 A professional riding arena must change and renew its riding products every two years to ensure that the obstacles remain safe for riders and their horses. This type of obstacle is frequently used and is exposed to continuous wear and tear knocks…  

Regularly changing the jumping poles also helps to ensure that the level of competition remains high and allows riders to prepare for competitions optimally. 


How to choose the best jumping poles  

Do you want to start training your horse with jumping poles and are you looking for new ones for your arena? On our web catalogue, we have different models available, with different designs and different diameters.  

You can also choose from the standard series or we can make them customised! 

 In the standard series, we have different models:  

 – 1000 series poles (available in 9 colours). 

– 2000 series poles (available in 9 colours) 

– 3000 series poles (available in 9 colours) 

– 4000 series poles (available in 9 colours)    

– Poles series 8000 (available in 10 colours)    

– Poles series 7000 (available in 9 colours)    

– Poles series 6000 (available in 9 colours) 

– 5000 series poles (available in 9 colours) 

All our poles can be customised, are equipped with end caps at both ends and are available in various diameters. If you are interested, please contact us. We manufacture them on demand in order to be able to offer a quality product to our customers and totally exclusive. 


Why buy jumping poles at Equspaddock? 

 We have a wide variety of products related to the world of horses and equestrian competitions, fully adapted to the needs of each type of competition. For many years we have been manufacturing and marketing all kinds of poles for competitions and dressage, as well as other equestrian competitions, so we know in detail the characteristics of each of them.  

Furthermore, as true equine lovers, when manufacturing all our products, we are committed to their safety and comfort at all times. We make sure that all of them comply with safety standards and FEI regulations. 

That is why, if we talk about the poles in our catalogue, they are adapted to the needs of the different competitions and to all the corresponding regulations. We build them with durable and resistant materials that perfectly withstand daily wear and tear and inclement weather.  

We have a team specialised in the world of horses, so we can advise you and help you choose the best product for you.  

If you would like to receive further information about our poles catalogue, please call us on (+34) 965 55 49 01, send an email to or fill in the form on our contact page.  

We have the perfect jumping poles for your arena!