Dressage & Para Dressage

Take a look at the catalogue of dressage accessories that we have available at Equspaddock. We have a wide variety of dressage arenas and other products related to horse riding. As true lovers of horses and this sport, we provide high quality and very useful equipment for any dressage arena.

Equipment for dressage

Dressage arena letters

Dressage letters are used to guide in the arenas, to show the types of exercises to be performed in competition and to mark the space provided for each of them.
They are usually made of plastic according to FEI regulations.
At Equspaddock you will find all the letters used in the equestrian sport so you can choose them according to the exercise you want to perform with your horse.
The order and position of the letters on the dressage arena is always the same, but the path between the different letters will depend on the exercise.

Dressage arenas

On our website you can find a wide variety of crossbars to mark out the dressage arena. We have them available in different sizes and models.
In addition, we have different sets of pyramids and crossbars of different sizes and shapes to choose from, depending on the size of the arena, the quantity required and the style of the competition.
They are available in different finishes and are made of high quality PVC plastic with anti-UV treatment. They are therefore resistant to the sun and do not fade. Our dressage arenas are easy to install on the arena and very stable. Furthermore, to ensure a safe and accident-free competition, they have no sharp corners, thus avoiding injuries to both rider and horse in case of falls.
In our collection of dressage arenas you can choose between the premium, embellished and more sophisticated models, or the standard and basic ones. The latter are not embellished, but offer the same results. The available dressage arenas are: 20 x 40 and 20 x 60.
Holding a dressage competition is easy with these riding products! By combining the dressage letters with the dressage arenas, all the required exercises can be performed.

Features of the dressage arena

The dressage arenas that we supply at Equspaddock are weather-resistant, so they last and withstand adverse weather conditions such as wind or rain.
In addition, one of its advantages is that they hardly need any maintenance, just clean them when the competition is over.
However, it is advisable to dismantle them and store them in a sheltered place for longer durability, although this is not necessary. Therefore, even if the weather conditions are unfavourable, the stability of the ring is assured.

We rely on technology and innovation to make equestrian competitions much more practical and safer. We make sure that they really meet the needs of a dressage arena.

What is dressage?

It is an Olympic sport in which rider and horse perform exercises in harmony. Different movements of greater and lesser difficulty are performed, depending on the level of both the animal and its companion.
The different exercises that are performed are regulated by the International Equestrian Federation.
The dressage arenas are used for each competition. The space for each movement is delimited by a ring made up of cones and crossbars.
This equestrian practice is one of the most important and traditional, being a very popular sport among horse lovers.

Horse riding may not be well known, but it is a sport that has been part of the Olympics since 1912. This discipline consists of the rider’s ability to control a horse by riding it and it is made up of different modalities such as dressage. If you are just starting out in the world of horse riding, this will be of interest to you.

What does dressage consist of?

Dressage is an Olympic sport focused on training the horse by means of a set of demanding exercises, which are illustrated in a work entitled “reprise”. These exercises are also called dressage figures, which require a significant amount of training for both rider and horse.

According to the Spanish Equestrian Federation, some of these movements are the following, “…the horses move laterally, turn on themselves, change feet at the gallop and perform extremely difficult and beautiful movements such as Passage and Piaffe, among others…”. All this is done in a ring or dressage arena and is evaluated by a panel of judges.

Curiously enough, the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, founded in 1572, is the most renowned institution known in the world as far as classical horse training is concerned. The school is based on the traditional Spanish dressage method, which has made a worldwide impact.

In fact, dressage is regulated in our country through a guideline that must be reviewed and evaluated by the Spanish Equestrian Federation, in accordance with the regulations of the International Equestrian Federation.

Classical dressage horse training origins

Mankind realized many centuries ago that being carried by a horse was fast and efficient, and so it became necessary to train it. The middle Ages was the time when this form of horsemanship began to be institutionalized in order to improve the performance of the armies and cavalries on our continent. Thus, the establishment of dressage schools took place.

Precepts of dressage

The aim of dressage is to ensure that both rider and horse work harmoniously together while practising the movements. The horse must obey the rider’s commands in a natural way, as exemplified by the following: “The horse thus gives the impression of being self-controlled. Confident and attentive, it generously obeys the instructions of its rider…”.

Thus, the horse and rider become a team, providing a demonstration of elegance, confidence and dedication. If you are passionate about dressage horses or would like to practice it, at Equspaddock we have the necessary dressage equipment to achieve the best results.

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