Material for equestrian disciplines

Equestrian sports are characterised by rider’s ability to control them with elegance. It is widely practised in our country, where the International Equestrian Federation accepts a group of disciplines. Each of them has a series of guidelines. Here is a list of the most important official equestrian disciplines.

Dressage discipline

Dressage is the best known discipline in the world, which is based on practising a set of movements that appear, in order, in a text called “reprise”. In this series of exercises, the equine turns on itself, moves sideways, performs a canter and performs complicated gaits such as the Piaffe, among others.

The purpose of dressage is to evaluate the harmony between horse and rider in a 20 m x 60 m arena, through the evaluation of a panel of judges. The latter pay particular attention to the suppleness, rhythm and firmness of the exercises.

Show jumping discipline

Show jumping is very well known and consists of overcoming on horseback a set of obstacles made up of bars arranged at a height ranging from 1`10m to 1`60m. During the execution of this discipline, the objective is to avoid committing faults, such as knocking down.

Competitions of this type are carried out with some challenges such as time trials, chronometer, etc. In order to be successful in this discipline, it is necessary to get a good relationship with our horse, so that we will be able to jump the obstacles safely and confidently.

Driving discipline

Driving is a type of competition in which one or more horses pull a carriage and the driver must keep control of the course. Depending on the number of horses, the categories of this discipline are:

  • Limoneras: one horse.
  • Trunks: two horses.
  • Cuartas: four horses.

For the complete driving competitions, which have a duration of three days, the following rounds are evaluated:

Dressage discipline

In the dressage, the jury analyses traits such as suppleness, straightness, submissiveness and impulsion in a reprise, using a dressage arena.

The marathon

In this course, the judges evaluate the performance in terms of endurance and speed on a course made up of both artificial and natural obstacles. The winner is the driver who manages to overcome the obstacles in the shortest time.

Cones or manoeuvrability

In this case, multiple and simple obstacles must be avoided, so the judges weigh aspects such as knockdowns and time spent.

Equestrian vaulting

This discipline is not very popular, but it is an art of beauty, elegance and difficulty. Recognised by both the Royal Spanish Equestrian Federation and the International Equestrian Federation, the discipline entails performing pirouettes and gymnastic exercises on an equine, which is guided with a rope by a rider.

The acrobatics and gymnastic exercises can be performed individually, in a team or in pairs. There are also different categories according to age and level. An important point to note is that this competition is graded from 0 to 10 and points such as efficiency and safety in the movements are taken into account. A curious point is that it is the only equestrian discipline that is practised without a helmet.

Horseball discipline

This fun and interesting version has influences from sports such as rugby, handball and basketball, as it is a game where two teams of 6 players fight to score goals in vertical baskets. The ball used has a peculiarity: it has six leather handles to hold it.

According to the rules, three players from the opposing team must be in action on each play before the basket is made and the ball must be picked up without dismounting from the horse. The participating teams have a mixed composition and compete on a 60 x 30 court with clearly marked safety areas.

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