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Top horses for equestrian sports

Top horses for equestrian sports

Horse breeds

Equestrian horses are those that are specialized in equestrian practice, which entails performing different disciplines such as show jumping, eventing and dressage. These horses must have a series of characteristics to be able to excel in this discipline, and this is why we bring you some of the best horses for equestrian sports.

The most outstanding equestrian horses

Historically, horses have demonstrated fidelity, nobility, intelligence and agility to mankind. However, there are many breeds and this makes them unique, and thus suitable for certain activities. Surely you may wonder, what is the best stallion for riding? How to tame a horse?
Above all, equestrian practice is about the rider-horse relationship and how the rider is able to tame the equine in an elegant, relaxed but firm manner. In order to enable the rider to control the horse, it is necessary to have horses that show strength, prudence and loyalty. The horses that best represent these features are the Warmblood or Warmblood breed.
These equestrian horses come from Europe and are themselves classified into different breeds. However, they all have a common origin, which has led them to be the stars of world competitions and contests, even at Olympic level.

The best equestrian horses: breeds

Among the Warmblood horses that have achieved the most outstanding performances, we can mention the following:

Westphalian Warmblood

If you are just starting out in the practice of this beautiful sport and one of your concerns is how to tame a horse, the Westphalian Warmblood will make this process easier for you, as they are one of the most loved horses due to their gentle and obedient personality. It has an imposing physique due to its harmony and robust neck, measuring 170 centimeters.

Warmblood Oldenburg

Originally from Lower Saxony, Warmblood Oldenburg was known for being bred for driving. At the same time, their strength and temperance were proven by their role in battles in the past, and they became one of the stars of equine competitions. This horse stands about 160-172 centimeters tall and it is known to have very strong limbs, even though they are not very long.

Hanoverian Warmblood

Among all equestrian horses, this specimen is considered to be the best of all, because it is carefully treated according to very high standards. Originally from Germany, it has a docile and noble character, which makes it easy to train. As for his physical characteristics, they measure 170 centimeters and have a medium-sized body. Its strong hooves make it ideal for sport riding.

French Warmblood Saddlebred

If you need a lithe, energetic and stocky stallion, the French Warmblood Saddlebred will surprise you, as their robust bone structure makes them perfect for performing well at equestrian competitions. Its height is between 155-170 centimeters and its limbs are remarkably muscular and strong.
When it comes to their temperament, they are known to have a stronger personality compared to the other breeds we have described, but if you are looking for a horse that exudes intelligence and power, this could be the one for you.


Other popular and appreciated horse breeds in the equestrian world

KWPN Horse

The KWPN is a Dutch breed that excels in several equestrian disciplines, including jumping and dressage. They are known for their intelligence and athletic talent.

Purebred Spanish Horse (PRE)

This breed is characterized by its elegance, nobility and versatility. They are well suited for dressage, but also perform well in other equestrian disciplines.

English Thoroughbred

Known for its speed and endurance, it is widely used in sprinting.

Irish Sport Horse

Versatile and athletic, it is suitable for various equestrian disciplines such as jumping, dressage and eventing.

Dutch Saddle Horse

Excels in jumping and is also used in dressage.

Lusitano Horse

Originally from Portugal, it is famous for its elegance and is used in both dressage and rejoneo.

Andalusian Horse

Known for its beauty and noble temperament, it is used in dressage, high school and shows.

Arabian Horse

Famous for its endurance and elegance, it is used in various equestrian modalities such as dressage, show jumping and raid.

Friesian Horse

Originally from the Netherlands, it is appreciated for its beauty, strength and dressage abilities.

Criollo Horses

Very resistant, they are used in various equestrian disciplines, including working equestrianism and polo.

Lipizzaner Horse

Originally from Austria, it is famous for its classical training and is mainly used in dressage.

Appaloosa Horse

Recognized for its spotted coat and versatility, it is used in a wide range of equestrian disciplines, including equestrianism.


It should be noted that this list is subjective and there are many other breeds of horses that are excellent for equestrianism. The final choice of breed will depend on your personal preferences, goals and disciplines in which you wish to participate. So, at Equspaddock we have all the equipment you need to put the best equestrian horses into action.

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