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Made of high quality aluminum. Each repair has 2 PVC panels. It is weather resistant and does not require treatment.

Includes¬†24 mm √ė¬†galvanized steel keyhole guide. Guide length¬†150 cm.

(1 flag and a flag stand INCLUDED per repair).

Premium 7 Series Obstacle Jump – Excellence in Design and Functionality

Obstacle jumping made of high quality aluminum. Each shelter has 2 PVC panels. It is weather resistant and does not require treatment.

The Equspaddock Premium 7 Series Obstacle is the ideal complement to any equestrian jumping arena, offering an innovative design and a robust construction that ensure its durability and resistance. This obstacle is ideal for both rigorous training and high-level competitions, providing a suitable challenge for riders and horses of all abilities.

Highlights of the Premium Series 7 show jumping

Manufactured from high-quality aluminum and PVC panels, the Premium 7 Series Obstacle is designed to withstand the most adverse conditions without compromising its aesthetics or functionality. Its resistant structure guarantees a long useful life, while its modular design allows complete customization, adapting to the specific needs of each user.

With a focus on safety and innovation, the Premium Series 7 Obstacle complies with official regulations and uses guides and supports from recognized brands to ensure maximum safety for both rider and horse.

Tips for Overcoming Obstacles

  • Maintaining a correct position and looking towards the next obstacle are keys to a successful execution.
  • The speed must be adjusted depending on the type of obstacle, and it is essential to trust the horse’s abilities.
  • Practicing regularly and understanding the specific characteristics of each obstacle, such as verticals, oxers, and combinations, are essential to improve.

Frequently Asked Questions about show jumping

  • Is it suitable for riders of all levels? Yes, its adaptable design makes it perfect for both novices and experts.
  • How is the obstacle maintained? Although it is designed to be low maintenance, regular inspection will ensure its best performance.


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