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Complete guide for horse saddles

For beginners and experienced riders alike, the choice of horse saddles is vital to ensure maximum comfort for you and your horse, as well as making sure they are always suited to the discipline you are riding.

At Equspaddock, as experts in selling equestrian and riding equipment, we have put together this fantastic guide where you can compare the different types of horse saddles available and how you can choose one that suits your needs.

Introduction to horse saddles

Before we dive into the different types of horse saddles out there, it’s important to define what exactly this equestrian training equipment is. Saddles are a type of seat that is placed on the horse’s back and serves to secure the rider on top of the animal. This element is designed to be comfortable for the rider and not to cause any kind of damage to the horse.

Types of saddles and their uses

There are different types of saddles to suit different equestrian disciplines and riding styles. The most common saddles are as follows:

  • English saddles: these are a model made with an elegant style and a forward seat design that ensures maximum comfort for the rider in disciplines such as equitation and show jumping.
  • Western saddles: these saddles are made of robust and comfortable materials for long hours on horseback, especially for equestrian activities such as ranching or rodeo.
  • Racing saddles: for riders who specialise in horse racing, the saddle used must have a light and aerodynamic design to favour a better result during competition.
  • Dressage saddles: for lovers of dressage, these saddles are perfected in every detail to allow a precise and elegant performance.

How to choose the right saddle for your discipline

In order to choose the right saddle for you, it is necessary that, first of all, you know the discipline you are going to start practising in order to be able to choose the ideal model for you. As we saw earlier, there are a wide variety of saddles designed with distinctive elements that allow maximum comfort, mobility and precision to carry out a range of activities on horseback.

Disciplines such as classical riding, show jumping or rodeo require a saddle that adapts perfectly to the measurements of the rider and equine to ensure maximum comfort and precision in each of the movements to be performed.

Specific horse saddles according to the discipline

There are a large number of equestrian disciplines for all types of professional riders and beginners who want to get started in the world of horse riding and equestrian sports. In order to practise each of these disciplines, it is important to have the appropriate and specialised equipment for each one of them.

Among the most outstanding disciplines in the equestrian world are the following:

Classical and jumping disciplines

These are disciplines that stand out for the elegance and precision of each of the movements performed, emphasising the harmony between rider and horse. To achieve this precision, it is necessary to use English saddles that stand out for their ergonomics and versatility for equestrian practices.

Rodeo and ranch

These equestrian activities require long days of work with the horse, so comfort and resistance to withstand the wear and tear of time are prioritised. For this, in these cases, it is advisable to use the classic Western saddles.


Dressage is one of the most beautiful and complex riding activities in the equestrian world. Professional dressage riders need very precise movements to achieve dressage, so it is essential to have a dressage saddle designed specifically for this discipline.

Horse saddles according to the duration and the ground

The choice of a horse saddle can also be determined by the duration and the characteristics of the land where you will practice with your horse. These types of saddles can be differentiated through the following characteristics:

  • Endurance saddles for long distances: it is important that this type of saddle is designed to ensure maximum comfort during long rides, where the weight must be distributed satisfactorily and have padded reinforcements and an ergonomic shape that allows the horse to move easily.
  • Saddles for short rides: in these cases, it is necessary to have a versatile and comfortable saddle, to adapt your ride to your taste and the saddle is suitable for all types of grounds. English or western saddles are recommended for this purpose.

Essential horse saddle accessories

To conclude, it is essential to highlight a number of essential accessories that must complement the horse saddles. These accessories are as follows:

  • Stirrups: stirrups allow the attachment of the rider’s feet to the horse to improve body position and allow better stability.
  • Girths: These elements serve as a safety element to tighten the horse’s saddle and prevent the saddle from moving.

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