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excursiones a caballo para descubrir españa

Horse riding excursions to discover Spain 

Spain is a country with a long equestrian tradition that is reflected in each of its regions and autonomous communities. The great diversity of landscapes and the number of horse riding excursions are practically unlimited and will allow you to discover every corner of Spain through many excursions throughout the length and breadth of its mountain ranges, mountains, rivers and beaches. 

At Equspaddock, as experts in equestrian and horse riding articles, we accompany you on this guided tour where we show you some of the most outstanding excursions in Andalusia, Catalonia, Castile and Leon, Galicia and the Balearic Islands. 

Horse riding excursions in Andalusia 

Andalusia is an region located in the south of Spain and is known for having a great equestrian tradition. A horse riding excursion in each of its provinces can provide you with an enriching experience where you will enjoy dream routes. 

Some of the most remarkable horse riding excursions in Andalusia are the following: 

  • Doñana National Park: considered the lungs of Europe and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Doñana Park stands out for its great biodiversity. A horseback excursion in this area will give you the opportunity to enjoy a landscape of incredible dunes, forests and marshes that you will never forget. 
  • Sierra Nevada: the entire mountainous area of the Sierra Nevada and the picturesque villages that surround this area form a fantastic journey to explore on horseback while enjoying the fresh air and breathtaking views. 
  • Andalusian horse trails: Andalusia is famous for being the region that gave birth to the famous Andalusian horse. You can enjoy charming villages full of whitewashed houses, olive groves and vineyards on the back of this elegant horse. 

Horse riding in Catalonia 

The region of Catalonia, in the north-east of Spain, also offers a wide variety of landscapes and routes for horseback riding that are not to be missed. Among the most popular natural and scenic environments are the following: 

  • Montseny Natural Park: you can find this natural park close to the city of Barcelona and you can find all kinds of equestrian centres located around the area where you can enjoy lush forests and wonderful trails to explore. 
  • Costa Brava: one of the Mediterranean landscapes you cannot miss is the Costa Brava of Catalonia, and if you do it on horseback, even better. In this area you can enjoy incredible cliffs and unspoilt beaches that will give you a magical ride. 
  • Ebro Delta Natural Park: full of wildlife, rice paddies, lagoons and beaches, this area is incredible to explore on horseback and marvel at a peaceful and free landscape. 

Horse riding in Castilla y León 

The great Castilla y León region also has to offer you a great variety of landscapes and a rich history that you can explore through a great diversity of horseback riding excursions, such as the following: 

  • Parque Natural de las Hoces del Río Duratón: located in the province of Segovia, this natural park will leave you in awe due to its great variety of canyons and cliffs. A horseback ride along the Duratón River will provide you with a diverse natural landscape where you will catch a glimpse of the famous griffon vultures. 
  • Sierra de Gredos: in the province of Ávila, another of the most popular places full of vegetation is the Sierra de Gredos. A place full of routes to do on horseback and enjoy incredible views. 
  • Ribera del Duero: the famous Ribera del Duero region, popular for its vineyards, offers spectacular surroundings to explore on horseback. 

Horse riding in Galicia 

Galicia is a magical land that deserves to be explored in depth and horse riding can be a unique and unforgettable experience. With its vast green meadows, its Atlantic coastline and its natural diversity it can be the perfect place to unwind. Some places not to be missed if you want to go on a horseback excursion are the following: 

  • Playa de las Catedrales: located in the province of Lugo, this incredible beach has a series of cliffs that will leave you open-mouthed. Moreover, in its surroundings you will find some equestrian centres that will allow you to visit each of its rocky formations on horseback. 
  • Rías Baixas: the maritime landscapes offered by Galicia’s Rías Baixas are a spectacular horseback ride that will allow you to discover all the charm of the Galician coast. 
  • Camino de Santiago: Galicia is the end point of the famous Camino de Santiago, where pilgrims culminate the route in the incredible city of Santiago de Compostela.  

Many equestrian centres allow you to do part of the route on horseback and, without a doubt, this experience will remain engraved in your memory. 

Horse riding in the Balearic Islands 

The Balearic Islands offer an enviable Mediterranean climate, as well as lovely beaches and unique landscapes. Taking a horseback riding excursion can be a thrilling experience, and here are some of the most popular ones: 

  • Routes in Mallorca: this beautiful island combines the charm of its golden beaches with the great diversity of mountains and nature trails to explore on horseback along its unique routes. 
  • Routes in Menorca: Menorca is another of the most popular islands in the Balearic Islands for its unspoilt beaches and nature reserves. Exploring the island on horseback will give you the opportunity to visit all kinds of cliffs, remote beaches and beautiful rural trails. 

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