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Madrid Horse Week: The Equestrian Event of the Year at IFEMA

A Decade of Equestrian Passion in Madrid 

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Madrid Horse Week, an event that has captivated horse lovers all over Spain. From 25 to 27 November, IFEMA, the prestigious exhibition centre in Madrid, will be the setting for this exciting equestrian celebration. What distinguishes this edition is the inclusion of two World Cup events in the disciplines of show jumping and dressage, consolidating its position as one of the most outstanding events on the Spanish equestrian calendar. 

In this 10th year, IFEMA is expected to host the largest stable ever seen at Madrid Horse Week. It is estimated that around 300 horses and mares, both national and international, will be housed in this first-class facility. This effort is not limited to just the two World Cup events; the three-day programme features a total of 25 competitions spread over day and night, offering competitors the opportunity to showcase their equestrian prowess and elegance. 


Madrid Horse Week Awards 

The prize money at Madrid Horse Week is impressive, with over half a million euros going to the champions of the World Cups. These competitions are the highlight of the entire event and reflect the commitment to providing a high quality experience. In addition to the World Cups, the event also includes the thrilling Masters of the Cowgirl Cup and the exciting pony races, two traditional competitions that attract fans from far and wide. 


Beyond the Trials: Activities for Everyone 

The organisers of Madrid Horse Week not only seek to promote equestrian competition, but also offer a range of parallel activities to enrich the experience for attendees. From the Horse Fair to the presentation of a lesser-known equestrian sport, horseball, the event has something for everyone. Horseball pits two teams of six players against each other, polo-style, looking to score goals in the opposing team’s upright baskets. In addition, the Lira Cubero cross country team, the Volteo Star Madrid school, the Francisco Canales show and free dressage demonstrations by Inti Shenkel promise to surprise and entertain the audience. 

Madrid Horse Week is much more than an equestrian competition; it is a celebration of the passion for horses and an opportunity to experience the elegance and skill of riders and their noble companions. This annual event has become a highlight of the equestrian world in Spain, and this year will be no exception – get ready to experience the magic of Madrid Horse Week at IFEMA! 

The History of Madrid Horse Week: A Decade of Equestrian Passion 

Madrid Horse Week, an event that has come to define the equestrian scene in Spain, has a rich history dating back a decade. This annual celebration of horsemanship has evolved over the years, becoming a landmark in the equestrian world. Below, we will explore the fascinating history of Madrid Horse Week. 

The story of Madrid Horse Week began in 2012, when a group of equestrian and equestrian enthusiasts came together to bring a vision to life. The idea was to create an event that not only promoted equestrian sport, but also brought it to the heart of the Spanish capital. IFEMA, a renowned exhibition centre, became the perfect setting for this vision. 

Beginnings and growth 

The first Madrid Horse Week was held in November 2012, and from the very beginning, it left a lasting impression on the equestrian world. The event included show jumping and dressage events, attracting elite riders from all over the world. The enthusiastic response from spectators and the high quality of the competition paved the way for future editions. 

Over the years, Madrid Horse Week not only grew in terms of participation and audience, but also diversified its programme. New disciplines and competitions were included, such as the Copa Maestros de la Vaquera and the pony races, which quickly became fan favourites. Additional thrilling activities, such as the Horse Fair and the introduction of horseball, added extra excitement to the event. 

A Decade of Equestrian Passion and commitment 

Madrid Horse Week’s commitment to excellence and the promotion of equestrianism has not gone unnoticed. The prize money, which exceeds half a million euros in the World Cups, has become a major attraction for elite riders. The event has established itself as a platform for the success and exposure of equestrian talent, both national and international. 

As Madrid Horse Week celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2022, its history is a testimony to dedication, passion and commitment to the equestrian world. This event has left an indelible mark on Spain’s equestrian scene and has become a major attraction on the European equestrian calendar. 

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