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Measurements: 20 X 40 meters and 20 x 60 meters

Poles every 2 meters. Composed of 60 / 120 posts, 60 / 120 crossbars of 2 meters

Colour: white

Durable and low maintenance

Made of weathering resistant PVC plastic

At Equspaddock, we have the dressage arena Akhal Teke Series, ideal for any type of equestrian arena, both for competition and training.  

This product offers great versatility in its design and it is available in  20 x 40 metres or 20 x 60 metres, with the possibility of having posts placed every 2 metres or every 4 metres. 

Undoubtedly, we are talking about an excellent option when it comes to equipping an arena, whether for training or for dressage competition. 


Benefits of the Akhal Teke Series Dressage arena 

By choosing the Akhal Teke series, you are investing in a product of high functional value and high quality. It is a must-have tool for training, coaching and fitness for dressage competitions. 

This is an exceptional choice for riders of all levels, from beginners to experienced riders, thanks to its remarkable quality, high performance and simple but effective design. 

In addition, its careful structural design ensures the safety of riders and horses, allowing a safe and effective practice of dressage. 


Highlights of the Akhal Teke Dressage arena Series

The Akhal Teke Series dressage arena stands out for its ease of transport, assembly and excellent stability. 

With 60 or 120 2-metre or 4-metre poles and crossbars, it provides the perfect training environment for dressage 

Its pure white design adds a touch of elegance, creating a unique atmosphere for every training session or competition. 

Made of durable PVC, this arena ensures durability and resistance to weather conditions, with no fading from sun exposure. It is also easy to assemble and disassemble, making it easy to transport and store. 


To be complemented with other products

The Akhal Teke Series Dressage arena can be complemented with other products from the same series. 

The main difference between the Akhal Teke Series and the Morgan Series lies in the design. While the Morgan Series uses pyramids every 2 metres, the Akhal Teke Series uses poles.  

The functionality of both designs is undeniable, but the design of the model in question is geared more towards riders who prefer posts instead of pyramids. 


Improve your dressage practice with the Akhal Teke Series

The Akhal Teke Series precisely delimits the dressage practice area, creating an ideal location for the development of movements, both in manège and in the arena. 

This dressage arena model allows riders to improve the precision and harmony of their movements with their horses, which is so important for the practice of this discipline. 

Whether for basic to intermediate level dressage exercises (20 x 40 m) or advanced level (20 x 60 m), the two size options available provide a safe and compliant training space. 

This carefully designed accessory guarantees a superior training experience. With its dimensional accuracy and premium materials, it offers the required stability and comfort for both horse and rider. 

At Equspaddock, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality equipment for your dressage sessions. We invite you to find out more about the excellent quality of our wide catalogue. 

Enjoy your horse while preparing for competitions with the best equestrian equipment! 


UPON REQUEST: This product is served on demand, please call (+34) 965 55 49 01 or write to us at info@equspaddock.com to place your order.

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