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Durable and low maintenance

Made of weathering resistant PVC plastic

Measurements: 20 x 40 meters and 20 x 60 meters

Poles every 2 meters

Composed of 60 / 120 posts, 60 / 120 crossbars of 2 meters

Colour: white

Dressage arena Morgan Premium Series 

The Morgan Premium series dressage arenas are an essential item for dressage. At Equspaddock, as true lovers of the equestrian world, we have this type of article manufactured with quality, durable and very resistant materials.  

 Undoubtedly, this product range is one of the most used for training and equestrian competitions of this type. Thanks to its decoration and its more elegant style, it will make any course unique and exclusive.  

 If you are going to set up a dressage arena to train with your horse, organise an equestrian event or give lessons in this beautiful sport, the Morgan Premium Series is an excellent choice! 


Features of the Morgan Premium Series dressage quadrilateral  

Would you like to know more about these essential products for dressage?  

They are made of the best quality PVC, which ensures that you will use them for years to come. In addition, they have an anti-UV treatment, which adds extra resistance, especially if you are going to ride outdoors. This treatment prevents the sun from damaging it and its colour from fading. If you buy this product we assure you that you will not regret it.  

Some of the most common sizes in which the Morgan Premium series dressage arena is  20 x 40 and 20 x 60 metres. 

  • 20 x 40 metres, ideal for riders with a preliminary or intermediate level.  
  • 20 x 60 metres, for riders at a more advanced level. 

When you buy a Morgan Premium series arena you will have pyramids every 2 metres and 2 metre-long crosspieces to delimit your dressage arena.  

This premium product maintains all the technical features of the Morgan series arena, but has a more sophisticated and elegant design, perfect for a distinctive and classy touch. 

Why choose the Morgan Premium Dressage arena? 

This accessory is designed to be comfortable and safe for both riders and horses. The reasons why you should choose this model are:  

  1. Durable, top-quality material: guarantees its lifespan and its ability to withstand the demands of training and competitions. 
  2. Design and functionality: it is carefully designed with a filigree that embellishes your track, and it can be assembled and disassembled very easily, so you can transport and store it without problems. 
  3. Safety: both the pyramids and the crossbars have no sharp or cutting edges that could cause harm to the animal or the person riding it in the event of getting too close to the arena or in the event of an accident. 

 You can be absolutely sure that you are buying a top-quality product. 


Complete your dressage arena with the Morgan Premium series 

 Having a Morgan premium series arena makes it easy to create dressage training arenas.  

This will provide a solid basis for the development of a refined technique and the achievement of harmony and elegance in every movement together with the horse. 

 In addition, the more elegant and beautiful appearance adds a different touch to the arena. Use high-end equipment like this for your arena! 


Both the crossbars and the pyramids are white to add elegance and match any style of competition. In addition, the crossbars are decorated with a very nice patterned design.  

 Every detail matters and aesthetics are key to any type of equestrian competition. That’s why the premium series is essential to create a unique and well-cared-for atmosphere. 

 If you have been thinking about buying a Morgan Premium series dressage arena, take a look at our catalogue. Our products have a very competitive price, so you can enjoy all the guarantees at a very economical cost.  

 At Equspaddock we make sure that all your experiences in the equestrian world meet the highest quality standards. 


 UPON REQUEST: This product is served on demand, please call (+34) 965 55 49 01 or write to us at info@equspaddock.com to place your order.