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Premium Series 11 SPECIAL show jumping: innovation and quality in equestrian jumping

The Premium 11 SPECIAL Series takes the show jumping experience to the next level. Designed with high-quality aluminium and PVC panels, this series guarantees durability and weather resistance. Its innovative galvanized steel keyhole guide facilitates quick and safe setup, ideal for intensive training and high-level competitions. Dare to push your limits with the Premium 11 SPECIAL Series, where quality meets performance.

Includes galvanized steel keyhole guide of 24 mm Ø. Guide length 150 cm.

(1 flag and a flag stand INCLUDED as a repair).

Premium Series 11 SPECIAL obstacle jumping: improvement and precision in each jump

This obstacle jumping is made of high-quality aluminium. Each shelter has 2 PVC panels. It is weather-resistant and does not require treatment.

The Premium 11 Series represents the cutting edge in show jumping equipment, combining advanced technology with premium materials to offer riders and horses an unprecedented experience. Made from high-strength aluminium and PVC panels, this series is designed to withstand the demands of equestrian practice and outdoor conditions.

Features and advantages of the Premium Series 11 SPECIAL show jumping

Every element of the Premium 11 SPECIAL Series has been designed with safety and performance in mind. The galvanized steel keyhole guide ensures quick and safe installation, allowing precise adjustments to the height and complexity of obstacles to suit different levels of training and competition.

The versatility of the Premium 11 SPECIAL Series allows you to create complex setups that simulate competition scenarios, improving technique and confidence for both rider and horse. Practicing with quality obstacles prepares the pair to face any challenge on the competition field.

Frequently Asked Questions about show jumping

  • Is the Premium 11 Series suitable for all levels? Absolutely. Beginners and professionals can benefit from the adaptability and quality of these obstacles.
  • How are obstacles maintained? Despite its durability, we recommend periodic reviews to ensure the integrity and safety of the equipment.

Tips for success in obstacle jumping

Maintaining good posture, controlling speed and choosing the correct trajectory are key aspects. Clear communication and trust with your horse are essential to overcome each obstacle. Practicing regularly and understanding the specific demands of each type of obstacle will significantly improve your performance.


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