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Premium Series 2 Jumping Obstacles: Innovation and Safety in Equestrianism

Elevate your equestrian practice with the Premium Series 2 Jumping Obstacles. Designed for riders passionate about improvement and safety, this set includes a variety of obstacles such as oxers and triple bars, made from durable, state-of-the-art materials. Perfect for training and competitions, it ensures exceptional performance in every jump.
Includes a 24 mm Ø galvanized steel keyhole track. Track length 150 cm.

(1 flag and one flag holder INCLUDED per obstacle).

Premium Series 2 Jumping Obstacles: Excellence in Every Jump

Jumping obstacles made of high-quality aluminum. Each obstacle has 2 PVC panels. It is weather-resistant and does not require treatment.
The Premium Series 2 Jumping Obstacles redefine quality standards in equestrian jumping. Every component, from oxers to walls, is designed with durability and safety in mind, offering an unprecedented jumping experience for both rider and horse.

Adaptable to various training levels, this set allows for the configuration of courses from basic to advanced, including obstacles such as water jumps and ditches, challenging and improving jumping skills and coordination of the pair.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jumping Obstacles:

  • How does this set improve my training? By including a variety of obstacles, it promotes versatility and adaptability, key elements for progress in equestrian jumping.
  • Is it suitable for competitions? Absolutely. Its design meets competitive standards, making it ideal for both formal and informal events.

MADE TO ORDER: This product is available upon request, please call (+34) 965 55 49 01 or write to info@equspaddock.com to place your order.