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Premium Obstacle Jumping for training and competition

Discover the Premium Series 8 Obstacle Jumping, designed for riders and horses passionate about pushing limits. Made with high-resistance materials, it guarantees durability and safety in every jump. Ideal for training and competitions, this premium set improves equine technique and performance. Get ready to reach new heights in your equestrian practice!

Includes galvanized steel keyhole guide of 24 mm Ƙ. Guide length 150 cm.

(1 flag and a flag stand INCLUDED as a repair).

Premium Series 8 show jumping: the perfect ally for riders and horses

The Premium Series 8 obstacle course is made of high quality aluminum. Each shelter has 2 PVC panels. It is weather resistant and does not require treatment.

The world of show jumping requires precision, skill and, above all, the right equipment. With the Premium Series 8 Show Jumping, we offer a high-quality solution for riders and horses dedicated to the art of show jumping. This set has been carefully designed to meet competition standards and provide an essential tool in daily training.

Highlights of the Premium Series 8 show jumping

Manufactured from premium aluminum and PVC, our obstacle set ensures weather resistance and long life. Every detail, from the galvanized steel keyhole guide to the PVC panels and included flags, has been thought out to maximize the training and competition experience.

Practice and technical improvement are essential in show jumping. Our Premium 8 set allows different heights and complexities to be configured, thus adapting to the training needs of riders and horses of all levels. The diversity of obstacles, including bars, oxers and walls, challenges and improves jumping ability.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it suitable for all levels? Yes, both beginners and professionals will find in the Premium 8 Series an ally for their technical development.
  • Does it require maintenance? Its high-quality design minimizes maintenance, although we recommend periodic inspections to ensure safety.

Tips for overcoming obstacle jumps

Maintain good posture, adjust speed based on the obstacle, and develop clear communication with your horse. Remember that confidence and constant training are key to overcoming each challenge successfully.


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