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Set of 12 letters for dressage discipline.

Made of high quality, weather resistant aluminium.

It has 4 holes in the corners for easy mounting.

Measures: 20 x 25 x 0.02 cm.

Colours: black

Set of 12 aluminium dressage letters: the ideal set for dressage 

The set of 12 aluminium dressage letters is the perfect complement for any dressage rider. Designed with durability and functionality in mind, this set guarantees the best experience for training and competition in the dressage arena.

At Equspaddock we have available the most common dressage letters: A, B, C, E, F, F, H, K, M, R, S, V, P. Take a look at our complete catalogue.


High-quality aluminium dressage letters

As experts in the equestrian world market, the aluminium dressage letters are available in a set measuring 20 x 25 x 0.02 cm and are made of high-quality materials. 

Above all, we make sure that they are made of weather-resistant materials. In this way, we ensure more durability and resistance, so that they can be used for long periods of time for both competitions and dressage training. 

If you decide to buy them, you can be sure that they will be fully functional for a long time, even with heavy daily use.


Optimized design for maximum visibility and easy installation

The signs feature a simple but clever design that makes them ideal for the dressage arena.

 The black letters on a white background provides maximum contrast, ensuring optimal visibility for both riders and judges during training and competitions.

In addition, each plate has a hole in each corner for easy assembly along the edge of the arena.


Set of letters A-L for a complete reference

The aluminium dressage letter set includes all 12 letters used in classical discipline and provides all necessary references for riders and judges. In addition, they can be perfectly combined with other elements such as cones and fences to create a complete and functional dressage arena.

This equestrian accessory we have on our website offers an elegant matte finish that blends in perfectly with any type of arena. 

This discreet and functional look enhances the overall aesthetics of the arena without distracting the attention of the rider or the judges. So you get a quality product that will satisfy even the most demanding riders.


Dressage lettering: an important item

As you know, dressage letters are more than just reference points. They represent key milestones in the development of the movements and exercises that make up this demanding equestrian discipline.

When entering the arena, the letter A marks the starting and finishing point of the course. From there, the rider is guided using letters such as B, C, E, F, H, K, M, R, S, V and P, which represent strategic places to execute the characteristic movements of dressage.

For example, at the letter C, the rider can make a smooth transition to the canter, demonstrating the smooth and controlled transition between the three gaits: the walk, the trot and the canter. While moving towards the letter H, he can make a circling change of direction, showing the horse’s suppleness and balance.

The letters are also essential for lateral movements such as the travers, where the horse moves diagonally with the shoulders and hips aligned in a specific direction. The letter M can be used as a reference for performing this movement, showing the horse’s ability to flex and maintain balance.

In addition, the letters allow the judges to evaluate the quality and execution of the movements. They observe the piaffe, a movement in which the horse lifts its front legs alternately on the spot, showing control and elevation. They also evaluate the passage, a high, suspended canter that demonstrates the horse’s ability to maintain balance and cadence.


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