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Campeonato de España Absoluto de Doma Clásica 2023

The Spanish Paralympic Dressage Championships 2023 come to an end

The Spanish Paralympic Dressage, Absolute, Criterium and Masters 2023 Championships, which took place at the Las Cadenas Equestrian Club in Madrid, came to an end on the 4th of June.

For several days, the riders and their impressive horses demonstrated their skill and talent in this discipline, offering a brilliant show and leaving the audience breathless. The good atmosphere made for a fantastic week.

If you are an equestrian lover and want to know a summary of how the competition went, in this article you can find out more about it. At Equspaddock, as horse lovers, we are up to date with the championship.


A championship marked by bad weather

Especially in the first days of the championship the riders were forced to deal with the incessant rain, which did not prevent them from performing the tests with great commitment and professionalism.

It is worth mentioning the performance of Beatriz Ferrer-Salat who, together with her horse “Elegance”, won first place in the Grand Prix after executing an absolutely perfect test and obtaining a percentage of 75.456%.

Next to him was José Daniel Martín Dockx with “Malagueño LXXXIII” with a score of 75.305%. Third place went to Juan Antonio Jiménez Cobo, who riding “Euclides Mor” obtained a score of 74.480%.


A thunderstorm forces the postponement of Friday’s races at the Spanish Championships 

Friday went smoothly until about eight o’clock in the evening when a thunderstorm broke out, interrupting the tests that were taking place at that time.

Initially, a stop was made hoping that the storm would abate and that the programme could continue. Organisers, judges and competitors met to decide what to do. In the end, they decided to postpone the remaining races to the next day as it was impossible to continue.

The following day, the tests that had not been able to take place were resumed, starting with the pair that had been stopped the previous day. The rest of the Championship passed without incident.

Jacobo Martínez Acitores takes first place in the Criterium riding “Isabeau VZ” (H2)

The first to go out to the ring were the pairs that form part of the Criterium list. The disparity in the criteria when assigning the scores was very noticeable. 

Jacobo Martínez Acitores with his horse “Isabeau Vz” was proclaimed champion with a score of 71.471%. In the second place, José Antonio García Mena with “Jumeaux” obtained a percentage of 70,882%. The silver medal went to Júlia Álvarez with “Lanya el Coso” with a score of 69.794%.


Iker Beitia and “Belizzo” won the gold medal in Dressage

Once again, he thrilled the audience with his good work while riding “Belizzo”, a horse on loan from his sister and trainer, Garbiñe Bitia. Together with him, he had already achieved success on several occasions. 

The rider’s success was undisputed over the course of the three tests in which he participated, achieving an overall score of 206,390 points. His superiority was evident in every test executed brilliantly by the rider.

This is the third time he has won the national title after also winning it in 2018 and 2021, championships that allowed him to represent our country at the European Championships. In addition, according to the rider himself, he does not rule out the possibility of competing in the Paralympic Games in Paris. 

Second place went to Daniel Larrañaga riding “Bohemio los Guerra” with an overall score of 202.390. The bronze medal went to Olga Jordá Brase with “Fisgón SJ” with an overall score of 200.194.


Spectacular week at the Spanish Paralympic Dressage Championships

During a week full of emotions and talent, the Spanish Paralympic Dressage Championships 2023 offered a wonderful show. Riders and horses demonstrated their skill, elegance and dedication in each test, leaving everyone present with positive impressions.

The event, held at the Club Hípico Las Cadenas in Madrid, gathered the best pairings on the national scene. From the first day, it was clear that we were witnessing an exceptional event. The contestants showed a unique and special connection with their equines, reflecting years of hard work and an unrivalled passion for the sport.

It must be said that all this spectacle would not be possible without the hours of training that each team dedicates to the preparation of each test. At Eqquspaddock we have an extensive catalogue of equestrian products, among which we highlight all those necessary for the performance of Dressage

Now that this intense competition is over, we will keep an eye on the next championship and the next events to know the results. Undoubtedly, the horse world is equal parts sacrifice and passion.



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