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What is cowboy dressage? 

Would you like to know more about cowboy dressage? This equestrian discipline is part of the world’s cultural heritage that brings rider and horse together in an exercise of technique, skill and unparalleled training. 

At Equspaddock, as experts in horse riding and equestrianism, we will take you through this article where we will explore the origins of cowboy dressage, as well as the different techniques used in dressage, the principles of this discipline and some of the most popular events. 

Origins and tradition of dressage vaquera 

Here we present the historical roots of the art of cowboy dressage and what it means for Spain’s cultural heritage. 

Historical Roots of cowboy dressage 

To talk about the history of cowboy dressage we must go back to an earlier period in the history of Spain, where the horse was an active part of work and daily life in the country. The Spanish cowboys and peasants knew well the handling and taming of horses to carry out the tasks of sowing and transport and, the cowboy dressage, became a technique to train the horse to be able to carry out these equestrian tasks. 

Cowboy dressage as cultural heritage 

From the origin of this discipline to the present day, cowboy dressage is considered a cultural heritage in Spain. Over the years, this technique has influenced many generations in the training and training of horses around the world. This discipline forced the cowboy to face situations that required great skill and precision to control and work with the horse. 

Today, the tradition of cowboy dressage is still present in Spanish culture and is passionately celebrated in different events throughout the peninsula. 

Principles and technique of cowboy dressage 

In order to learn more about this wonderful discipline and to be part of it, it is necessary to know a series of basic principles and techniques that are necessary for dressage vaquera. In the following points you will appreciate the importance of understanding the horse and having all the necessary tools. 

The horse in cowboy dressage 

Without a doubt, the horse is the most fundamental part of cowboy dressage, everything revolves around him. The rider must train and harmonise all his movements with skill and precision, and give orders to the horse so that he obeys the indications. 

One of the key principles of cowboy dressage lies in the gathering and submission of the horse, where he gathers his body and bows his head as a sign of obedience to the orders of the cowboy or rider. 

Equipment and tools in dressage vaquera 

It is essential to have the right equipment and tools for cowboy dressage. Some of these tools that you should select carefully are the saddle, the reins, the bridle and the spurs. All of them will make your dressage work easier and improve your communication with the horse. 

Dressage competitions and events 

The most popular dressage competitions and events in Spain are the following: 

Types of competitions in dressage vaquera 

Nowadays, cowboy dressage has become a competitive show that goes beyond the ancient use of the discipline for the performance of country chores. There are different types of competitions in cowboy dressage, including the following: 

  • Field dressage: this discipline focuses on training the horse to overcome different natural obstacles and different terrains. 
  • Dressage: In this technique, the rider and horse work together to perform different exercises. 
  • High school: Similar to the previous competition, the rider and horse team up and must perform a series of more complicated exercises full of complex movements. 

The great cowboy dressage events of the world 

This discipline brings together thousands of fans from all over the world and forms part of the cultural heritage of many countries with a long equestrian tradition. In Spain, we can highlight the Jerez Fair and the April Fair in Seville as some of the great events that take place in our country and are highly recognised worldwide. Within these national festivities, cowboy dressage is part of the party every year. 

The future of cowboy dressage 

Although the approach to cowboy dressage has changed a lot over the years, the discipline is still adapting to the times and developing new training methods to enrich this culture. In Spain, there are still many riding associations and teams specialising in cowboy dressage, so the tradition will continue for many years to come. 

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