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How to clean your horse’s saddle

Riding our horses can sometimes be a thankless task: especially when riding in the rain, mud or snow.

The saddle tends to get dirty and needs to be cleaned regularly to keep the leather soft and in good condition. Your saddle should be cleaned at least a couple of times a week with water, soap and leather oil.

If you are a horse lover, this article will not leave you indifferent. Cleaning your horse’s saddle is something that favours both the rider’s comfort and the horse’s health and fitness, as it prevents infections.

Here we will look at the best tips for cleaning your entire saddle.

How to clean your horse's saddle Equspaddock

Materials needed to clean the saddle 

Before starting to clean your horse’s saddle, it is necessary to have our cleaning materials ready. It is recommended to keep all the cleaning products together, and in a place where the animals do not have access to them, in order to avoid intoxication.

To clean a horse’s saddle you will need a sponge, a bucket or basin with warm water, leather soap, a dry cloth, a damp cloth, a soft bristle brush and a leather polish or grease.

How to clean horse leather 

Leather goods are continually exposed to sweat, dirt and moisture and it is therefore very important to maintain the leather every day so that it does not wear out and lasts longer.

Here are some tips on how to clean your horse’s saddle leather to make it last as long as possible.

The leather should be cleaned with a damp cloth, just like the synthetic material, rubbing well on all parts that are in direct contact with the horse and removing all moisture and sweat present on the leather.

Once clean, add soap to a rag to nourish the leather and leave it shiny. Rub a little until a white lather comes out and spread the product all over the piece.

Let it dry and that should be enough, but if it is too dry, we can put some moisturising product on it.

Clean your saddle straps 

  1. Put soap on the straps and let it dry without rinsing, as this soap creates a layer that prevents dust and dirt from penetrating, making it easier to clean the next time. Soap is not only used to clean, it is used to add grease. It is a lotion not a cleanser.
  1. Apply leather oil with the help of a brush, soaking it in well so that it soaks in everywhere, insisting on the loops around the buckles, and leave it to dry in the shade. 

How to clean your horse's saddle Equspaddock

Metal parts and fabrics of your saddle 

  •       All metal material runs the risk of generating rust that can damage not only the metal element itself, but also the parts that “rub” against it. To prevent damage, it is advisable to wash them with a cloth that you have previously soaked in a specific metal cleaning product.
  •       On the other hand, the fabrics should be brushed once they are very dry. If they are very dirty, they should be washed with warm water and left to dry in the open air. In any case, you should always check the care advice given by the manufacturer on the label of each product.

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