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Pole fixing base

This fixing base, made of galvanised sheet metal, is suitable for both dressage arenas and fencing. Thanks to this fixing base, the posts are perfectly anchored to the surface, giving greater stability to the whole structure.

Peg and screws not included.

Measurements: 130 x 125,5 mm x 152 mm

UPON REQUEST: This product is served on demand, please call (+34) 965 55 49 01 or write to us at info@equspaddock.com to place your order.


The Equspaddock “Post Fixing Base” is an essential solution for the construction and maintenance of fences in equestrian facilities. Manufactured from high quality galvanized sheet metal, this base ensures exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. Designed to firmly anchor posts, this base is ideal for quadrilongs and fences, guaranteeing the stability and safety necessary in equestrian environments. With dimensions of 130 x 125.5mm x 152mm, it fits a variety of posts, offering easy and efficient installation. Although pegs and screws are not included, its universal design facilitates compatibility with various types of fixing accessories.

This product is designed for:

  • Equestrian
  • Horse riding
  • Horse fences
  • Construction of quadrilongs
  • Equestrian fences
  • Post anchoring
  • Fence stability
  • Safety in equestrian facilities