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Set of 12 Letters for Dressage

The set of 12 letters for dressage is an essential item for trainers and riders dedicated to the discipline of dressage. Made from high quality materials, this set includes the 12 essential letters to outline a standard competition arena. Its durable and visible design guarantees a clear reference for the precise execution of figures and exercises, raising the level of training and competition.

Vinil stickers on all 4 sides.

Measurements: 340 X 340 X 1025 mm (unit).Icono de Validado por la comunidad

Colors: white.

Height of 100 cm. 

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Set of 12 Letters for Dressage: Your Ideal Companion in Equestrian Art

The set of 12 letters for classical dressage represents a fundamental tool in the practice and improvement of dressage, one of the most technical and artistic equestrian disciplines. Essential for setting up a riding arena in accordance with competition regulations, this set is ideal for both daily training and competitive level events.

Quality and Durability

Made from weather-resistant materials, these letters ensure long life and excellent visibility in all weather conditions. Its robust design allows continuous use, resisting the wear and tear of equestrian activities.

Versatility and Functionality

The set includes the 12 letters necessary to outline a standard 20 x 60 meter riding arena, allowing riders and trainers to work on precise exercises and improve communication and understanding between horse and rider. The correct arrangement of these letters facilitates the memorization of dressage routines and improves orientation within the riding arena.

Use and Maintenance Tips

To maximize the life of your dressage letter set, storage in a dry place when not in use and regular cleaning to maintain visibility are recommended. In addition, it is important to ensure its correct installation on the ground to avoid displacement during training.

Frequent questions

Can these letters be used outdoors?
Yes, they are designed to resist adverse weather conditions, maintaining their visibility and durability.

Is this set suitable for official competitions?
Absolutely, it meets the standard specifications for dressage competitions, both at amateur and professional level.

How should the letters be placed on the riding arena?
The letters are distributed around the perimeter of the riding arena, at the specific points indicated by the dressage regulations, thus facilitating the performance of exercises and routines.

This set of 12 dressage letters is not only an investment in the quality of your training and competition, but also in the safety and effectiveness of communication with your horse, elevating the art of dressage to its highest exponent.