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Tips for beginners in horse riding

Tips for beginners in horse riding. Age, postures, etc…

Riding a horse is one of the best outdoor activities we can do, as the contact with nature and the horse brings us many benefits, both physical and psychological. However, what are the basic guidelines to follow when starting to ride a horse?

If this is the first time you try it, you will probably have many doubts about how to ride a horse, the right age to start, among other concerns. That’s why we’re going to give you some basic riding guidelines, so please take note!

How to ride a horse?

When we are about to start riding, we should look for a riding school where the horses are kept in optimal conditions, as well as providing instructors who are sufficiently prepared to work with beginners. We should also pay attention to what we wear: ideally we should wear long trousers and closed shoes with a small heel to keep our feet in the stirrups.

Also, you should always wear your helmet when riding a horse to protect your head in case of a fall. On the other hand, we recommend that you arrive a few minutes before your lesson so that you can get to know your horse: talking to him and stroking him will make him feel more comfortable with you and also relax your own nerves.

Now, starting to ride a horse for the first time can be a bit difficult, or perhaps a bit scary. One solution is to use a mounting block, which will allow you to easily reach the stirrup; then when you are in the block (which should always be placed on the left side of the horse), put the left stirrup on the left foot.

The above movement should be done while holding the horse’s head with the reins, using the left hand. Once we are in this position, push yourself and pass your right leg over the saddle, looking for the right stirrup. Throughout this process, the horse may move, so it is best to have someone help you to avoid scares or sudden movements that may frighten the animal.

Correct posture when getting on the horse

One of the basic questions in riding that needs to be clarified is the ideal posture of our body when we are on the horse. Our body should be calm and straight from ear to heel. The legs should be free of tension to alleviate the movements you will feel as the horse moves.

Be sure to put the toe of the shoe in the stirrup and our knees should be bent next to the equine. This way, you will be able to put pressure on the animal’s body to control your balance in the saddle. Keep in mind that you should also bend your elbows and hold the reins with both hands, forming a fist.

Something we must not forget when we start riding is that the reins have contact with the animal’s mouth, so we must be careful when using them so as not to make our horse feel uncomfortable.

In addition, you must be aware that the horse moves at a certain rhythm, which we must follow by moving our hands with the reins and pelvis. As a result, we will form a bond with the horse, which is necessary to gain the trust of any animal.

Age to start riding

There is really no specific age for learning how to ride a horse, so there are no limitations. The only thing we recommend is that if someone under the age of 12 is about to take up basic riding, it is advisable to start with ponies, as they are much easier for a child to handle.

Some basic riding fundamentals

If you have already decided to take up riding, you will want to know some of its basic principles:

  • The good health of the horse is the priority first and foremost; here we mean that this comes before the economic and/or personal interests of organisations, breeders, riders and trainers.

The horse shall always be seen as a living being and any violent or abusive practices are forbidden.

The above must not only be complied with in national and international competitions, but also in practice.

So, starting to ride a horse is an exciting and rewarding experience that must be done under supervision to follow all guidelines, and thus, avoid accidents. In Equspaddock we have all the implements and instruments to get you started in this beautiful practice.

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